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winter wonderland 2023

Limited Preview Night Tickets Available, Once They Sell Out, They’re Gone!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2023, commonly referred to as Winter Wonderland, is a large annual Christmas event held in Hyde Park, London, from mid-November to early January. Book today...

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VIP Preview Night

Contrary to the usual setup where all attractions are paid for individually, this unique Preview Night offers you the opportunity to bask in the joy of supporting a royal charity while enjoying unrestricted access to the following:

Expansive outdoor ice rink, the largest in London

Zippo’s Circus, a spectacle of awe and wonder

The Giant Observation Wheel, offering breathtaking views

The Magical Ice Kingdom, a realm of icy enchantment

Thrilling funfair rides and adrenaline-pumping roller coasters

Santa Land, featuring miniature rides perfect for the little ones!


Limited tickets Available

We’re delighted to offer you an exclusive opportunity to experience the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Preview Night on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

Be among the stars and the first to explore the festive attractions, dazzling lights, and thrilling rides at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2023.

With our exclusive VIP tickets, you are ensured a magical and unforgettable experience at one of London’s most anticipated festive events.

Whether you’re looking to buy tickets to Winter Wonderland or seeking a VIP experience at the Preview Night, Aries Access offers an exclusive gateway to a magical winter evening.

£300 +VAT Per Ticket (Last Few Available)

SOLD OUT FOR 2023 (Applications Open for 2024)

Celebrity Sightings

In past years, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Preview Night has been a spectacle of joy, charity, and celebrity glamour. Stars like David Beckham, Rita Ora, Amanda Holden, and Tom Hardy have graced the event, mingling amidst the twinkling lights and enchanting attractions, all while supporting The Royal Parks charity.

With celebrities like Suki Waterhouse and Jamie Oliver previously spotted enjoying the winter attractions, and Nicole Scherzinger dazzling the crowds with impromptu performances, the Preview Night has always been a blend of charitable giving and star-studded experiences. The proceeds from the night directly fuel the vital work of The Royal Parks in nurturing and preserving London’s beloved green spaces.

Immerse yourself in the exclusive experiences by attending the Preview Night and be among the first to explore the festive wonders of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

A Magical Winter Awaits

Don’t miss the opportunity to create unforgettable memories at Winter Wonderland 2023.

With Aries, your winter evening at the VIP preview night will be nothing short of magical and exclusive.

Inquire now and step into a winter wonderland filled with exclusive experiences, joyous attractions, and a festive atmosphere like no other.

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