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Tickets membership

£35 + vat monthly

Our Tickets Membership offers you the chance to get access to the very best ticket options for events around the world. Not only will you get access to these events, but you’ll also get you’re own dedicated concierge manager on the day of your event.


– Access Exclusive Events
– Complimentary Tickets
– Limited Concierge
– Members Rates

Concierge membership

£495 + vat monthly

Our Concierge Membership is there to help you manage your busy lifestyle. You’ll have access to you’re own dedicated lifestyle manager from 9-6 on weekdays. 


– All Tickets Inclusions
– Restaurant Bookings
– Transport Requests
– Luxury Good Sourcing
– International Requests

Elite Concierge membership

£1995 + vat monthly

Our Elite Concierge Membership is the very best there to help you manage your busy lifestyle. 


– All Concierge Inclusions
– Extended Hours Support
– International Requests
– Up to 2 people serviced
– Private Event Curation

Corporate membership

£995 + vat monthly

Our Corporate Concierge Membership is perfect for those busy business owners who need some assistance managing day to day requests.


– All Concierge Inclusions
– Extended Hours Support
– International Requests
– Event Planning
– Up to 2 people

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Glastonbury Festival 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide to Tickets and Experiences As the excitement builds for Glastonbury Festival 2024, music and culture enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting...

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Formula 1: Las Vegas 2023

As the Formula 1 season unfolds, all eyes are set on the upcoming Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix. Known for its luxury and entertainment,...

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23′ Fashion Weeks So Far…

With New York Fashion Week recently ending, and London Fashion Week currently taking place, here’s all the major news you need to know and what’s...

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